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Mohd. Jamshed

Member Traffic


New Year Message from Member Traffic, Railway Board

Dear Friends

Happy New Year, and warmest greetings! As we step in 2018, it is time to reflect upon the achievements of 2017 and chalk out a growth plan for year 2018.

The year 2017 will be known for 3Rs for Indian Railways- Regain, Revival and Reversal.

In freight segment, we are able to achieve a growth of around 4.5% in loading in 2017 as compared to 2016. Revival in the freight traffic to regain the market share is quite evident in the loading performance for Apr-Dec 2017 when we are able to achieve 39 MT incremental loading as compared to corresponding period of 2016-17.

In freight segment, our strategy has been to make it easy to do business with Railways,rationalize and reform tariff, expanding freight basket by including non-bulk items, adopting new delivery models such as Ro-Ro, dwarf containers, regular interaction (SAMVAAD) with customers, long term contracts and a number of other freight incentives.

In passenger segment also, we are able to achieve a positive growth of around 1% in number of passengers and 5% in passenger earning in Apr-Dc 2017 as compared to corresponding period of 2016-17 without increasing the fares. After a few years of negative trend, the growth in passenger traffic has been regained in 2017.

In passenger segment, our focus has been on customer centric initiatives like ease of booking tickets, meeting demand through more and better train services, perceptible improvement in catering services, real time response to passenger’s need with the help social media, improved tourism services, Swatch Rail campaigns and better safety & security.

The year 2017 will also be known for unprecedented investments in infrastructure to remove bottlenecks and to augment capacities. etc.The actual Plan Expenditure as increased from Rs 58,000 Crore in 2014-15 to Rs 1,11,660 Crore in 2016-17.
An expenditure of Rs
1,31,000 is planned in 2017-18. Once these infrastructure are in place, we would have adequate capacities to substantially reduce journey and
transit times and provide faster, reliable and cost effective services.

The works for Dedicated Freight Corridors are in full swing. Freight operations on
the Indian Railways are set to witness a paradigm shift with the stage-wise
completion of its two dedicated freight corridors, the Western Dedicated
Freight Corridor (WDFC) and the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC),
over the next four years, beginning 2018

Year 2017 will also be remembered for renewed emphasis on Non Fare Revenue
(NFR) to augmentrevenue sources for Indian Railways.
Indian Railways have taken a number of innovative steps to augment its revenue through non fare sources such as policy for Rail Display Network (RDN) over 2,000 Railway stations,
Out of Home (OOH) to exploit advertising potential at railway assets,
advertising on trains, ATMs at stations, Content on demand (CoD),
App based cab services at stations etc.

The success of 2017 brings more challenges for 2018. The journey of reforms
and transformartioon shall continue in 2018 with more vigour and energy under
the ledership of Hon’ble MR.The IRTS officers, being responsible for freight
and passenger business of Indian Railways will have to play a key role in
the transformative journey of Indian Railways. You are the harbingers of the
changes that this organisation is undergoing. Please always keep in mind the
welfare and interest of the customers as a solemn duty towrds our country.
Regular interactions with customers, empathising attitude, active listening to
them, apprciating their needs and proactive approachare keys to success in
this customer driven world.

I am sure that with your zeal, dedication, commitment, knowledge and efforts you
will continue to do the organization and the country proud.

\ Once again, I wish you and your family the very best for a Happy and successful 2018!


                                                                                                                     Best Wishes

                                                                                                                   Mohd. Jamshed.


Source : IRTS Welcomes You CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-05-2018