Personal Data

Name : NEENU ITTYERAH Qualification : M.Sc.
Service Currently Posted at D.O.B DITS Gen/OBC/SC/ST Batch
IRTS SR 12/11/1964 23-08-1989 GEN 1988

Date Appointed To

Senior Scale JA Grade Selection Grade SA Grade HA Grade AM Grade GM Grade
27-Oct-93 8-May-00 1-Jan-02 Dec-08 Aug-21

Particulars of Service

S.NO From Date To Date Post held/Leave/training,etc. Railway/Unit
1 21-Sep-91 27-AUG-1992 AOM SR/PGT
2 27-Aug-92 26-OCT-1993 ACM SR/PGT
3 27-Oct-93 05-APR-1995 DCM(CATERING) SR/MAS
4 6-Apr-95 25-AUG-1995 SCM(CLAIMS) SR/MAS
5 26-Aug-95 29-SEP-1995 EX-INDIA LEAVE SR/MAS
6 13-Oct-95 09-NOV-1995 SR.PRO SR/MAS
7 10-Nov-95 31-MAR-1997 SCM(SYSTEM) SR/MAS
8 1-Apr-97 02-OCT-1997 SCM(CR) SR/MAS
9 3-Oct-97 05-MAR-1998 DY.CCM(CR) SR/MAS
10 6-Mar-98 31-MAR-1999 SR.DCM SR/MAS
11 1-Apr-99 26-JUL-2002 DY.CVO(T) SR/MAS
12 5-Aug-02 15-SEP-2003 EX-INDIA LEAVE SR/MAS
13 16-Sep-03 01-OCT-2003 LEAVE SR/MAS
14 6-Oct-03 19-NOV-2004 DY.COM(FOIS) SR/MAS
15 19-Nov-04 03-JAN-2006 DY.COM(PLG) SR/MAS
16 3-Jan-06 22-AUG-2007 SR.DOM SR/MAS
17 22-Aug-07 18-MAR-2008 DY.COM(F) SR/MAS
18 31-Mar-08 29-DEC-2008 CPRO SR/MAS
19 1-Jan-09 16-FEB-2009 CCO SR/MAS
20 23-Mar-09 04-MAY-2009 CTPM SR/MAS
21 12-May-09 16-JUN-2009 CCM(PS) SR/MAS
22 16-Jun-09 14-JUL-2009 CCM(FM) SR/MAS
23 20-Jul-09 02-SEP-2009 SICK LEAVE SR/MAS
24 4-Sep-09 11-NOV-2009 CCO SR/MAS
25 Nov-09 Feb-2013 CHAIRMAN RRB/TVC
26 Feb-13 Apr-2017 CCM(FM) SR/MAS
27 17-Apr-17 Apr-2019 DRM SR/MDU
28 26-Apr-19 30-NOV-2019 CTPM SR/..
29 1-Dec-19 Aug-2021 PCOM SR/..
30 Aug-21 Jul-2023 PCOM SR/..
31 Jul-23 PCCM SR/..